Titanium tool combination Spanner set TMS700

  • Titanium alloy

It’s titanium alloy combination Spanner of about 60 % of lightness of the items (steel) in the past (the ratio of our company).
When it’s difficult to rust, it’s more excellent in corrosion resistance more than called stainless steel and copper alloy.
Enough corrosion resistance is also shown to low concentration medicine.
It’s non-magnetism, so the work which isn’t influenced by a magnetic field in the magnetic field can be done, and I don’t become magnetized, so I don’t have a bad influence on electronic machine kinds.
JIS combination Spanner was cleared for the strength.

  • 1212 Points Strong Drive
  • With tool bag
  • Package Size : w300x d138x h48mm
  • Weight :1100g
  • Qty./Carton :1
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